Where Are You Christmas?

I am desperately awaiting Christmas... and snow. Things around our house this past month have been pretty crazy- Kyle flying lots trying to prepare for his commercial exams, and I have finished a whole semesters worth of modular courses, and exams (which I passed, yay!) and am currently in the middle of another set of courses which i will be finishing right before Christmas break. Ideally, after my first set of courses, our class would have been going out for an acute care practicum, but with the H1N1 pandemic, nursing programs all across Alberta have been canceling their current practicums including ours.

Shortly after my last post I began my new courses, which have since been consuming my life: Maternity, Pediatrics, Psychiatric Nursing, and Graduate Nursing. These are the courses I have been anticipating since starting the program, and although I would prefer to have longer then 5 weeks to learn about all these topics, I have been diving right in to gain as much knowledge as I can. However, it appears that this has had an effect on other areas of my life (blogging perhaps?).

(Side Note: I have been trying to get Kyle to blog about his new love of duck hunting... but perhaps he needs a little encouragement from all of you!)

As much as I LOVE learning about Pyloric Stenosis, Rickets, Esophageal Atresia, and the numerous other diseases, conditions and disorders that can effect pediatric patients (and most importantly what I can do to help people in these conditions).... I really want it to be Christmas.

Hopefully it will snow this week! : )