gillian's headshots

it only takes a moment spent with gillian to get a feel for the truly beautiful person she is. her bright eyes and contagious smile make you feel instantly at ease.  it didn't take long for kyle and i to start snapping frames, eager to catch her personality on camera for her business cards. 

gillian first contacted us about taking some new headshots for her business cards & website {she's a real estate agent in the orillia area!} and expressed how she wanted a different look then the more traditional business card headshot. our natural, editorial style of wedding photography happened to be a great match for her & we were excited to work with her to put her vision into reality. gillian we admire your desire to do something different -- it was well worth the risk! you look stunning in the sun! 

i just love this next shot series courtesy of my very talented husband! {have i ever mentioned how much i LOVE that i get to work with him?!?}

thank-you gillian for choosing such a nice warm afternoon for the shoot! we had a great time!