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merry & bright

well, it's the week before christmas and although there is still no snow here in central ontario, we're trimming the tree, hanging lights, and baking delicious treats all the while our favourite christmas tunes are playing in the background setting the ambiance for all things festive!

while doing such baking this evening, i thought i'd share some of what we are listening to - hopefully it helps to bring that feel good christmas mood to your home this week while you wrap those gifts, sip cocoa by the fire or {hopefully} watch snow as it falls outside your window.

here's the link! 

merry christmas to you all!

kyle & vanessa


the nieuwhof family

last weekend we had an awesome time with this family taking photos and getting to be outside in the gorgeous weather we were having! you probably recognize my sis & her fiance jordan from their engagement shoot earlier this fall - well get ready to meet jordan's super sweet family! we've really enjoyed getting to know them all more & are super excited to share the photos we think reflect the closeness, love & mutual respect that really surrounds this fam! I had been dreaming about using this location for a while & the photos turned out just (if not better) then I envisioned! thanks for being open to a seemingly strange location with all the power lines and such! we really love how the photos turned out & hope you guys do as well! enjoy!


the lester family

we were so excited to set this photo shoot up last minute with the lester family! the weather was 
be-utiful this past weekend, and we couldn't pass that up this time of year! not to mention we've been getting to know this family better, and we were super pumped to take their family photos! they brought us to a secret hiking trail located not to far from where we live - sweet! we're always excited to find new places - plus, kyle's already brought our daughter hiking there since :) it was a great day all around. hope you enjoy these photos from their christmas mini session! be sure to check them out on our facebook page as well and become a fan to stay updated on our latest work!


the gratrix family

what is not to love about this family? they are super spunky, full of life, and always so photogenic. especially when the kids get to make their super silly faces at the end of the shoot (their favourite special treat for being extra good during the shoot!) needless to say we always get excited when we get an email from the gratrix family wanting to set up a family photosession! we'd had this location picked out for quite some time, always keeping it in the back of our minds for just the right session. i tend to have a very large soft spot for old, run down buildings. the metal siding, the tiny windows, the brick, the fading print- ahhh it is love. and i simply adore how the photos turned out. it helps that the subjects are so beautiful :) okay enough babbling - go check out the gratrix family!

 usually we end our shoots with the gratrix fam with a little silly face action. i could hardly hold the camera steady while Michael was making this face, i was laughing so hard. kids come up with the funniest stuff! he's got the wiggling eyebrows move perfected!

 this time however, the kids pulled out their scooters (and polly pockets) and released some energy in the parking lot before heading back home! it was so fun to photograph as the kids scooted around kyle and i in circles!
i am always awed by the way kyle sees something happening and captures it - i am so lucky to work with (and be married to!) such a talented guy!  

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