:: jordyn

my sister is beautiful.

jordyn's semi-formal was last friday, and kyle and i had to grab a few shots of her before she went... she was just looking so pretty!

and her true personality shines...

i love this girl!

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"We are happy for you to have the baby whenever now...". She said it! This video clip is taken from our last midwife appointment before Vanessa's due date. You can listen to the Baby's heart beat from the doppler . The midwife says, even though she not growing a giant in there, it sure is one happy, healthy baby. I think we are as ready as we can be. I cant wait!


:: the shaw family

kyle and i love meeting new people... especially when we get to capture who they are with our lens. the shaw family was no exception! 2 super sweet and caring parents, plus 2 energetic brothers makes for a lot of fun on our end!

we had been eying up the location for this shoot for some time, so when we got in contact with the owners of wildflower farm we were very excited! the farm is so quaint and charming -- i'll just let the photos speak for themselves :)

what a wonderful way to end our 2010 season!
thanks shaw family!!

Now to break from photography a bit and focus on the arrival of our new addition! it's so hard to believe i'm already 38 weeks prego! any day now....we can't wait to meet you little one <3!

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:: the maxwell family

Last friday, we got to hang out with the maxwell's! Luckily the rain held off just long enough for us to get these family photos :)

I just love the awesome red colour on this old mill!

We can't wait to have another excuse to take some pictures in this area-- so many great spots bursting with character!

Thanks Maxwells for an awesome afternoon! It's always great when our clients invite us in for hot chocolate and brownies after a shoot-- Kyle is especially a big fan of the brownies haha :)

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:: the gratrix family

we LOVE the gratrix family!

this fall we got to get together with them to take some family shots! the colours in ontario are so beautiful this time of year - we definitely used them to our advantage to get some beautiful photographs of this beautiful family!

we love when families are comfortable and able to just be themselves around us during the photoshoot - especially when the kids have some fun too : ) it is so great to see their little personalities shine through and be able to capture that through a lens. just another reason why we love this family so much - they have such fun personalities.

and lets just pause for a moment to take in how ADORABLE the gratrix kids are...

i just LOVE this picture... as soon as we gave the leaves to the boys to use in this picture they both broke out in the singing of O CANADA. it was so cute.

and of course what fall morning spent outside is complete without playing in the leaves a little ??

and as promised ... we let the kids make some of their best silly faces for us at the end of the shoot to wrap up a wonderful morning! i think these turned out to be some of my favourites : )

thanks gratrix fam for an awesome time! kyle and i just love getting to know and hang out with your family! you guys rock!


scott + kara :: the wedding

kyle & i first met kara & scott our first year of college together. kara & i started out in the same intercultural studies program and kyle & scott in the same outdoor leadership program. kara & i continued in the nursing program after our first year, and continued our friendship. throughout this time, kyle & i have loved getting to know kara & scott as a couple and watching their relationship grow. we were so excited when they asked us to be apart of their special day!

after much anticipation the time had finally come for us to make the journey north to grande prairie! it began with full of excitement & laughter as the girls gathered at kara's family home to get ready. thanks to her many talented friends and family kara's hair and makeup looked breathtaking- as well as the floral arrangements designed & created by her bridesmaid and now sister- in- law amy- absolutely stunning job!

it was so fun to capture all the moments of sweet anticipation for the day ahead!

i just love how relaxed, calm and beautiful kara was throughout the morning of her big day…

kyle spent the morning with the guys as they made themselves look their very best - as well as sneak in some video game action before it was time to head over to the ceremony site, O'Brien Provincial Park.

since the girls had some time to spare before the ceremony, i took off with kara and her girls (yes, in their awesome mustang ride) to visit a local greenhouse for a few quick pics. i just love the results!

after the ceremony we headed down to the river to get some shots with the wedding party. while scott & kara were off taking pictures with kyle, i got together with the bridesmaids and groomsmen to take pictures of "secret messages" they wanted to share with the newlyweds which will be revealed to them… NOW! : )

and of course what day is complete without a stop at starbucks for something delish - these two have such a fun, carefree spirit!

kara's sweet, soft spoken personality compliments and blends seamlessly with scott's creativity. their love for each other is so evident and beautiful - which shows in their pictures! { Plus, we may be biased but we love that scott's american & kara's canadian : ) it's so fun to see the differences in our cultures mix - especially when the families get together! }

i just love their simple, yet elegant style - definitely reflected in their wedding day. such wonderful details!

kara & scott - thanks so much for your many years of friendship & for letting us capture your beautiful day! All the best in this wonderful new journey of marriage!!!


cheryl + scott :: the wedding

after weeks of anticipation, THE weekend was finally here -- cheryl & scott's wedding (although im sure the excitement for them was much more magnified then it was for kyle and i, we were VERY excited to say the least). not only would two beautiful people be committing themselves to each other in the union of marriage, but we would be able to be there capturing each wonderful moment for the first time as a team.

as the prairie flats gently rolled into hills, and eventually mountains our excitement also grew about the beautiful location the bride and groom had chosen for their special day.

the day started out with cheryl & her sisters taking turns doing their makeup and getting their hair done - an unmistakable edge of excitement filling the room.

while i was busy with the girls, kyle was out scouting locations and hanging with the guys before cheryl and scott would share a special moment together & take off with us around the mountain side for couple portraits.

the ceremony took place on the bank of a river bead covered with wildflowers and river rocks. cheryl looked stunning in her dress as she appeared over the bridge with sun shinning down in the clear blue sky - the look on scotts face as he witnessed this moment says he definitely agrees. this will be one moment im sure neither one of them will soon forget.

after the ceremony, the reception began in full swing with games, food, speeches and dancing. by the end of the night guests were lettin it loose on the dance floor & kyle and i caught on to the laid back feeling and had a lot of fun with the photos.

my favourite was these guys (and girls) who jumped right into the dance moves of 'Single Ladies' as soon as the song started to play -- we definitely struggled to capture the moment in between the laugher! These guys sure know their dance moves!

cheryl and scott thank you so much for asking us to be apart of your special day! we had a lot of fun and wish you both all the best in the wonderful journey of marriage! Hope you had an awesome honeymoon adventure-- ps cheryl where did scott take you on his surprise honeymoon trip???