:: the kelsall family

sharon first contacted kyle and i while we were in georgia visiting his side of our family. it just so happened that her family had been wanting to take family photos for a while & they had just discovered a time when everyone would be available { of course we were thrilled to be their chosen photogs!} she shared with us her vision to surprise her husband john for his 50th birthday & we were happy to play along. we came to their house a few weeks later, cameras in hand ready to take their family pictures. little did he know that while we were taking pictures of him, his wife and daughters, the rest of his family would be gathering in his living room waiting to surprise him when they went back in side! and he sure was surprised! after the initial shock wore off, choruses of 'happy birthdays' were sung, and hugs were shared the entire group joined us outside for more pictures.

what a fun group of people! we had such a good time with this family despite the cooler temps outside. the snow that was falling added a nice effect in the pictures as well - at least we were pretty stoked about it!

i just love the purple shades of their outfits against the white snow. simply beautiful.

i know, i know - such pretty blonde girls, right?!? meet the sweet grandparents responsible for so much beauty in one family {oh and aren't her mitts the greatest?}

they definitely rocked this winter shoot don't you think?