we're havin a baby

In March Kyle and I found out we were going to be having a baby!
An unexpected surprise quickly turned into such joy and excitement for
us both as we were surrounded by the love, encouragement and support of our family and friends.

Soon we found ourselves being awed and amazed by the growth of our baby from week to week with updates from the bump describing each new development in their growth and comparing their size to a fruit or vegetable to give us something tangible to compare to. Everything became more real to us as I began to start showing, when hearing the baby's heart beat for the first time, and when fetal movements were first identified

"there really is a baby in there! that was NOT just gas bubbles!"

{ 20 Weeks }

But for both of us, the most definitive 'wow' moment was seeing our little babe move on the ultrasound monitor and finding out 'they' were a 'she'. And man let me tell you our little girl is a mover! The ultrasound tech was having a heck of a time trying to catch her and get a picture before she moved haha.

Kyle and I can't stop staring at the precious images we have of her in awe and amazement. It is truly amazing how God works and how his plans for our lives unfold thinking back to months ago when i couldn't fathom having a growing baby in our lives ---- and now not knowing how it could be any other way.

We can't wait to meet you little one!!



finally we caught some fish in alberta!!

throughout our time living here kyle and i have gone to different places around alberta trying to catch some fish. for the first time last month we were able to find the sweet spot- about 10 minutes down the road haha.

the first time we went we caught our first - a rainbow trout : )

kyle went back again another day and brought home 2 more - both over 2lbs!

it is certainly exciting getting to catch, and cook them and they make for a delicious meal to be sure! yum!

Backtracking :: Calgary Zoo

okay, so im backtracking a bit. things have been crazy, posts have been missed and now i am having to play catch- up. please bare with me!

while in my second nursing practicum back in june, i had 5 days off in a row around my birthday - which actually coincided with kyle's days off : ) it was an awesome break from the stress. kyle and i have been trying to make sure we do things around alberta this summer that we haven't gotten a chance to yet before moving to ontario in the fall. one of these things was to visit the calgary zoo.

thanks to "lays chip trips" and my consistent craving for chips, we got a nice discount : )

this is my elephant friend - my favourite animal at the zoo.

it was a beautiful day, nice and sunny but i kinda forgot about fridays being the ultimate field trip day for elementary school kids and the place was packed with kids running around everywhere! Despite the screaming kids we were still able to have a really great day together, and see a bunch of really neat animals : )

Blog ReVampage

we've updated our blog : )

{chupp photography} is undergoing a lot of revamping these days as kyle and I attempt to merge our creativity and styles into one that is uniquely ours.

we have been talking about joining photographic forces since we first got married and finally all our ideas, designs and dreams are starting to see a taste of reality. it's exciting!

we are still busily working on a number of different projects such as our official website, soon to be released : ) as well as anticipating our first wedding shoot together on July 24th. {Remember Cheryl & Scott?? }

We'll keep you posted on when our website is finally released! For now, enjoy the new look our blog is rocking!