alex + jordan the engagement

my little sis is getting married- what can i say, we're ecstatic! & we were so honoured when alex & her fiance expressed that they wanted us to be there on their special day, cameras in hand, doing what we love best- photographing weddings! there really is nothing that excites us more then getting to be a part of such a special time in a couple's life, cheering them on from the sidelines, celebrating the marriage taking place. and to be able to do that for your sister- gahhh i'm so excited! can you tell? :)

since they are hoping to have a vintage inspired carnival jack&jill we thought what better way to get into the carnival spirit and have a good time then to shoot some engagement pictures at the fair! what a fun time it was! we always have a good time with these guys, but there is a wonderful ambiance to the fair. magical.

and there is something magical about these two- the way they love and cherish one another is written all over their faces. there's no denying it- these two are the perfect pair. thanks you two for an awesome afternoon! okay let's see some pictures!! Click here to see more on our facebook page!

i have to say something about this beautiful ring. jordan had it designed and made just for her. it's gorgeous. and so alex. perfection. feel free to swoon :)
okay, so my eyes kinda tear up when i look at these black and whites kyle took. so romantic.
alex & jordan bought this polaroid at a garage sale for $3 that came with some film. we were hoping to have some polaroids of the shoot, but turns out film circa 1970 doesn't expose too well. it was worth a try for $3.  


the mirco family

we finally meet the mirco family! after trying to set  a date last fall before i became super prego, and getting rained out each time, we were excited to hear from them again this summer saying they wanted to try for some photos this fall! we found what we felt would be the perfect location for their photos, and the picnic they wanted to have together as a family during the shoot. we were super pumped- everything was going great!

now i have to be embarrassingly honest with you. i kind of can't believe i'm about to share this but i just can't skip over it like it didn't happen. plus it's pretty hilarious. it's okay to laugh :) just as i was setting up the first group family photo i started backing up while looking through the viewfinder trying to line up the shot. in hind sight that was probably a bad idea. before i knew what was happening i was tripping over their picnic basket, feet flying up in the air, back on the ground. i imagine it looked like something out of a movie. all i could think was how glad i was that it was a little chilly that day and i had decided on wearing leggings under my dress. oh and how totally embarrassing that was. i'm pretty sure i was thinking about that. we laughed, took the pictures and everything went smoothly from there :) starting with a little picnic snack! we love when families want to do an activity together during a photo shoot. even if its just something small, it really makes people feel more at ease and relaxed doing something they already enjoy doing together. and it usually results in some pretty cool images too!
we love capturing people's expressions- especially the one's kids make. after becoming parents we've realized how special each little face they make is. you never really know when they are going to stop making that cute little side smile, or that face where they scrunch their nose up. so we like to preserve as many as possible so at least parents will have that to look back on long after those cute nose scrunches are gone.  

it was also celia & bryan's 11th anniversary! how sweet is that? and how sweet are they together?!

thanks mirco family for a fun evening & for trying something a little different! we hope you love the images!


the meeder family

during the looooong drive last week from georgia back to ontario, kyle & i were talking about our upcoming photoshoots this fall and how excited we were to start with the meeder family. the last time we took family photos of these lovelies jacob the youngest was so small - just a new baby! Since moving back to Ontario last fall we've seen the meeders in passing at church, but were excited to get reacquainted and see how all the kids had grown! one of my favourite parts about taking their photos is their beautiful backyard on the lake. what a perfect place to grow up and run around in. it's like a dream. 
and rose & rob's kids are beautiful. each has their own distinct personality & i just love how they shine through and aren't afraid to be themselves. seems to me they have some pretty great role models - parents who are caring, compassionate & generous.
each of the girls had to show me their beautiful nails- so cute!
mary-grace found a millipede and the hunt for creepy crawlies was on! rob & the kids left no rock or log unturned as they searched for the perfect creature to hold on a stick. so fun! the kids were having a great time doing something they enjoyed - which we love! it's so great to get to take pictures of real life moments like that.
thanks meeder family for such a fun morning! we'd come bug hunting anytime with you!!