baby cooper

cooper jared brian chrysler. such a sweet sounding name for the sweetest baby boy. when darra emailed us the news from the hospital that their baby had arrived we were ecstatic! don't new babies make the world such a happy place? we got to meet him in person just 6 days later - boy did he melt my heart! {all 7 pounds of him!}

i love these images. i can almost hear that sweet sweet newborn cry & smell that delicious newborn smell just looking at them. and that sound makes my heart flutter. babies just grow and change too fast. darra & kevin, as hard as life can be with a little  no sleep, cherish those cries and sweet moments in the night. before you know it you'll be reminiscing of these times and can't quite remember when exactly they stopped. 
i think he's going to be a football player. i just love how he's all curled up the same size as the football.
i hope all these pictures capture the essence of cooper as a newborn for you so that you will always have something to look back at the first days of this precious life! congratulations again chrysler family! you have really been blessed with such a cute baby boy!

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