Smith Family Photoshoot

Today after church we got together with Ryan, Kate & their super cute daughter, Lucy, to take some family pics-- It was windy, which made it feel pretty cold despite the beautiful sunshine, so we shot through the 'shot list' as quick as possible.

2 Locations:: Total Shooting Time:: Approx 15min.

Kate & Ryan have been awesome friends to Kyle & I since I first met Kate in my 1st Semester of Nursing. She has been like the ultra role model for me as I have witnessed her power her way through our first year of school, finishing in time for Lucy's beautiful face to be brought into this world. As I watched her defeat her struggles I knew this strong willed girl was one friend I definitely wanted to keep close! It has been so awesome to see both her & Ryan become first-time parents; AND getting to cuddle and play with this adorable babe is not half bad either ; )

I mean, check out how cute she is!!

So yeah, it's obvious that you guys are a {BEAUTIFUL}, {AMAZING} family & we love you to bits!

Thanks for the wonderful {windy} afternoon!

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::Cheryl & Scott are Engaged!

And their pictures on up on Smugmug!

This past friday the weather was so beautiful outside we could not pass up the opportunity to get some good pictures -- which was exciting since Cheryl & Scott had scheduled to get their Engagement pictures done! At lot of the snow has moved on, and it was warm enough to go without a jacket so it made for some good early spring-time shots.

Cheryl & Scott being farm kids, it was fun for me to scout out some locations that would speak true of who they are individually as well as together & that allowed for their love for one another to shine through! They were both incredibly fun to spend an afternoon with--they seemed super easy going and natural in front of the camera, and it shows in the photographs.

I just love capturing the beautiful romance & true love between a couple like Cheryl & Scott-- it has been awesome to see how God has brought them together & I am excited for the things He is doing & will continue to do in their lifetime together.

Thanks you guys for a fun time! Looking forward to the Wedding in July!

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On the Farm

For the past couple of weeks Kyle has been helping out some friends at a cattle farm owned by a family who goes to our church. It has been a really awesome time for him. I was able to go out for a day to visit the animals & take some pictures the other weekend & it was super fun! Here is a photo collection of our day on the farm : )

Learning to drive standard with this cute pup on my lap the entire time!

Kyle's Awesome Photo-- I love it! He's got talent!

Breakfast Time!

"Any day you get to drive a Tractor is a Good Day"-- what Kyle says each time he comes home.

Zip & Dart- the cattle herding farm dogs ! They are super cute & like to cuddle on your lap in the truck-- it's awesome!