:: the shaw family

kyle and i love meeting new people... especially when we get to capture who they are with our lens. the shaw family was no exception! 2 super sweet and caring parents, plus 2 energetic brothers makes for a lot of fun on our end!

we had been eying up the location for this shoot for some time, so when we got in contact with the owners of wildflower farm we were very excited! the farm is so quaint and charming -- i'll just let the photos speak for themselves :)

what a wonderful way to end our 2010 season!
thanks shaw family!!

Now to break from photography a bit and focus on the arrival of our new addition! it's so hard to believe i'm already 38 weeks prego! any day now....we can't wait to meet you little one <3!

{ to see more pictures from their shoot go to our facebook page! }

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  1. Hi guys! Thank you so much - you really captured our two little monkeys. The pictures are beautiful. Good luck with your own little monkey!