::everything is best in three's

... or any arrangement of odd numbers that is. it is one of the easiest rules of composition- one i learned in high school art class but felt that surely it had been natural instinct to me all along. i just like three the best; simple, yet powerful.

i was feeling in a bit of a creative mood this afternoon and went on a bit of a still life rampage... just thought i would share a few of my favs.

i love the shade of periwinkle blue:: and the blurr ; )

hot chocolate? yes please! especially when the rule of three's would require me to have three marshmellows! {yes, i did take precious time out of life to make a heart on the marshmellow out of chocolate sauce-- that stuff is hard to work with!}

oh, and on a random side note... it has been 4 months since our post about making grape juice, so kyle & i have been greedily consuming the delicious treat this week after a long wait {sharing with some of our friends of course! ; ) }

::well i'm off to enjoy the last of my hot chocolate... nighty nite!

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  1. wish i could attach a photo of 3 sisters ;) oh and please save some grape juice for our visit in April :D