The Ligers Family

who knew that two teachers at my old elementary school would get married, create a beautiful family with two adorable kids, and that we would be taking their family pictures one day! 

isn't their daughter, emilija, stunning? not a word i would usually use to describe a one year old, but its what i immediately think of when i see her in this picture- simply stunning. These next pictures make me so happy. There really is nothing quite like the love between a mother and daughter.

their son will is such a fun-spirited kid. i just smile when kids feel like they can be their goofy selves in front of our cameras; it always shines a unique light on their little personalities in the faces they make. those faces they make everyday are the ones we want to capture for parents to look back and cherish long after those moments pass. 

and he is definitely his fathers son. wrestling must be in the blood. not to mention their shared love for black beauty. {yes warminster gang- the car is still kicking}
these next pictures were so fun. we were all trying to get everything ready and set up just so, in anticipation for emilija to start devouring her cupcake as soon as it was set down in front of her. however this little girl is a true princess, and eats her cupcakes as such. whith much poise she daintily picks up some icing and eats it, then slowly goes back for some more while saying "mmmmm ca cake". precious.

happy belated birthday emilija- we hope all your wishes come true. by the looks of that cupcake covered face, i'd say they did. i mean what more could a one year old ask for right?!

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