christine + evan

life long love. that’s the kind that when you find it, it lasts the rest of your days right? christine and evan take that to another level. starting in elementary school, when their first real “crushes” started taking place, they were seated next to one another in class. after over coming the initial “boys/ girls have cooties” phase, they each in their own time began to see the other in a different light. years later in high school they began to seriously pursue one another {or was it christine who did most of the pursuing?? ;)} now years later it’s the morning of their wedding day and they couldn’t be happier.

the morning at the grey residence started out with an excited buzz. everyone was bright eyed when i arrived early in the morning and the tasks for the day were well underway. flowers were being picked up, waffles were being made and makeup and hair were getting done. but there was also a steady calm as the girls sipped on their cups of tea and the family relaxed together. oh yes, and christine got to eat fruit just as she always wanted to do the morning of her wedding day ;).
i’ve always liked christine. she’s a super happy & caring person. when you’re around her you just can’t help but smile. she’s also the kind of person who on her wedding day manicured all the girls nails, including her mom’s :) {at least once… maybe three times}she’s just that sweet. and radiant. i’ve never seen a more glowing bride as she got her hair and makeup done. you could see her anxious excitement on her face as the clock ticked nearer and nearer to two o’clock. So beautiful.

as soon as christine's sister taylor saw the thin red boarder around the top of the box she couldn't get into it fast enough knowing a pretty something from coach awaited her. i think she's a fan. probably an understatement ;).
over at the smart family farm the boys were put to work washing the truck they would ride in to the ceremony before getting ready. with a few moments to spare they headed into the barn for these photos. I just love how they turned out with the sun streaming in between the boards.

the ceremony was so sweet to witness- the tears of happiness shone in both their eyes. i always love these moments because it is one of the first times since the wedding planning buzz began that suddenly none of it matters. there is nothing but the bride, the groom and the words they are professing to one another.
these Cadillac's hold some pretty special memories for christine. her grandpa loved restoring vintage cars. some of her earliest memories of him included her in his lap behind these steering wheels. How perfect then that she included his sweet memory in her day as she journeyed to the church and later took her first drive as mrs. smart.

 i love this photograph not despite the fact that you can see my lens in the side of the mirror – but because you can. it perfectly recounts the moment of christine & evan being chased by ‘the paparazzi’ while well-wishers honked and cheered as we convoyed through town to sunnidale park.

i LOVE this series. these spontaneous moments are exactly why we do what we do- i just love the expressions captured on christine's face as the wind picked up her dress creating these beautiful moments you just cannot orchestrate. love.
 christine & evan entered the reception & the night blended into a chorus of good food, toasts, dancing and celebration. oh- and popcorn machine? check.

christine & evan, we had a wonderful time seeing this beautiful day unfold. thank-you for trusting us to capture the moments for you. we hope you are having a fabulously relaxing time away together!

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