alex + jordan the engagement

my little sis is getting married- what can i say, we're ecstatic! & we were so honoured when alex & her fiance expressed that they wanted us to be there on their special day, cameras in hand, doing what we love best- photographing weddings! there really is nothing that excites us more then getting to be a part of such a special time in a couple's life, cheering them on from the sidelines, celebrating the marriage taking place. and to be able to do that for your sister- gahhh i'm so excited! can you tell? :)

since they are hoping to have a vintage inspired carnival jack&jill we thought what better way to get into the carnival spirit and have a good time then to shoot some engagement pictures at the fair! what a fun time it was! we always have a good time with these guys, but there is a wonderful ambiance to the fair. magical.

and there is something magical about these two- the way they love and cherish one another is written all over their faces. there's no denying it- these two are the perfect pair. thanks you two for an awesome afternoon! okay let's see some pictures!! Click here to see more on our facebook page!

i have to say something about this beautiful ring. jordan had it designed and made just for her. it's gorgeous. and so alex. perfection. feel free to swoon :)
okay, so my eyes kinda tear up when i look at these black and whites kyle took. so romantic.
alex & jordan bought this polaroid at a garage sale for $3 that came with some film. we were hoping to have some polaroids of the shoot, but turns out film circa 1970 doesn't expose too well. it was worth a try for $3.  

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