let it snow baby mini sessions

it's that time of year again! each year around this time we've offered something special just in time for the holidays- & this year we are super excited!!

a little while ago i decided it was a good time to revisit the christmas itunes playlist on our computer. okay, it was in august. (i know. im sure your face looks something like this right?:  :O ) i'm a bit of a christmas freak... the lights, the decorations, snow, and a warm drink by the fire.................................. sorry. i'm back to reality. (the rain, mud and mess of fall) but seriously, just thinking about christmas makes me so giddy!

so since kyle and i have already got christmas on the brain (he loves it too- but i think it's safe to say not as much as i do in october. definitely not as much as i do in august. hehe) and festive songs are playing on our itunes, we thought it would be the perfect time to start spreading a little holiday cheer with our "let it snow baby" mini sessions!!

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> the deets

mini sessions are perfect for anyone wanting some stunning photos, and a fresh, stylish christmas card design to send to your friends and family this year! couples, families, friends, roommates- whomever you want to get together and spread some christmas love with this season!

we will be immediately SCHEDULING these sessions to take place between NOVEMBER 1st- NOVEMBER 30th.
*** please ensure you allot for 5 business days for us to process the photos from the session, and 2 business days after you have chosen the photo for the card and email you your card. PLEASE get these orders to us in advance so you have the amount of time you require to send out your cards!!!

click this link to shoot us an email at to schedule a mini session or ask us any questions!

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> already had a photo session with us this past year?

awesome! we'd love to include one of the photos from your session into one of our photo card designs!

*you choose the design, the wording you would like to use, and the file name of the photo you would like to use from your previous session (or wedding photo!)
*we'll email you the final card in jpeg format. perfect for easily printing  to send via traditional mail or simply emailing to anyone you wish!

WE ARE ACCEPTING PHOTO CARD ORDERS FROM PREVIOUS SESSIONS IMMEDIATELY UP UNTIL DECEMBER 20th. *** it is your responsibility to ensure you allot for 2-3 business days for us to receive, process the order and email you your card. PLEASE get these orders to us in advance so you have the amount of time you require to send out your cards!!!

now you can also pay for photo card orders (only) via pay pal!
Card Design #
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> the photocard design options 

Here's the christmas photocard designs we are offering this year!
when emailing us, be sure to include the corresponding design no. for the photocard design you would like to have used. 

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