On the Farm

For the past couple of weeks Kyle has been helping out some friends at a cattle farm owned by a family who goes to our church. It has been a really awesome time for him. I was able to go out for a day to visit the animals & take some pictures the other weekend & it was super fun! Here is a photo collection of our day on the farm : )

Learning to drive standard with this cute pup on my lap the entire time!

Kyle's Awesome Photo-- I love it! He's got talent!

Breakfast Time!

"Any day you get to drive a Tractor is a Good Day"-- what Kyle says each time he comes home.

Zip & Dart- the cattle herding farm dogs ! They are super cute & like to cuddle on your lap in the truck-- it's awesome!

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  1. ~LOVE this post!!! photography is fantastic!!! she's right Kyle....awesome shot
    great job learning to drive standard with a dog on your lap .....looks like you had a great farm experience :D ~