Blog ReVampage

we've updated our blog : )

{chupp photography} is undergoing a lot of revamping these days as kyle and I attempt to merge our creativity and styles into one that is uniquely ours.

we have been talking about joining photographic forces since we first got married and finally all our ideas, designs and dreams are starting to see a taste of reality. it's exciting!

we are still busily working on a number of different projects such as our official website, soon to be released : ) as well as anticipating our first wedding shoot together on July 24th. {Remember Cheryl & Scott?? }

We'll keep you posted on when our website is finally released! For now, enjoy the new look our blog is rocking!

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  1. ~ LOVE IT!!!! you guys rock :) so excited for you Ness and Kyle and can't wait to see all the photos you both capture for Cheryl and Scott ~