Backtracking :: Calgary Zoo

okay, so im backtracking a bit. things have been crazy, posts have been missed and now i am having to play catch- up. please bare with me!

while in my second nursing practicum back in june, i had 5 days off in a row around my birthday - which actually coincided with kyle's days off : ) it was an awesome break from the stress. kyle and i have been trying to make sure we do things around alberta this summer that we haven't gotten a chance to yet before moving to ontario in the fall. one of these things was to visit the calgary zoo.

thanks to "lays chip trips" and my consistent craving for chips, we got a nice discount : )

this is my elephant friend - my favourite animal at the zoo.

it was a beautiful day, nice and sunny but i kinda forgot about fridays being the ultimate field trip day for elementary school kids and the place was packed with kids running around everywhere! Despite the screaming kids we were still able to have a really great day together, and see a bunch of really neat animals : )

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