an update on our little miss

i was trying to think back to the last photos we shared with you of our little girl and i am ashamed to even bring up the fact that it has been, well, too long. {let's put it this way- her eyes have changed colour in the amount of time! no more baby blues just sweet dark browns.} you would think that a child whose parents are photographers would be on top of this sort of thing, but sadly it seems family photos always get pushed to the end of the pile. these  6 month photos of amelia have been sitting on our hard drive {along with many others of her previous...eek!} and stare me down, taunting me every time i pull it out to use it.

another somewhat unexpected factor came up & just days after taking these pictures kyle, amelia and i drove south to georgia {yes straight and through the night. lucky me i got the 12-5 shift. but thats another story... 'geeze focus vanessa!'} kyle's parents have been waiting for the opportunity to fix up their family vacation home and long story short, we had some free time, kyle needed to get his hands dirty & do some physical labour, and i was excited to let my creativity run in a different way for a little while.

so in the mess of a complete house renovation, with things starting to come together, i have forced myself to sit down and edit through these photos, as well as a few we took of her recently around 7 1/2 months old and share them with all of you!

it really is remarkable to me the differences that have occurred in just 2 months. well, ill let you check it out yourself. these first photos are when she was 6 months taken in ontario.

doesn't it look like she's telling her elephant a secret in this next one? cute.

these photos take my breath away- she steals my heart everyday. i just love black and white. i feel like these are the photos years from now her grand kids are going to look at and compare their own similarities to their grandma, you know? timeless.

 another classic.

and here she is now, 8 months old! gosh this first year is going by so fast! i took these as she was crawling around in the loft just after the new carpet was put in. she loved all the space to move around with no furniture!

 yup she's pretty dramatic. she can go from this > to this > to this in 5 seconds or less. kyle and i usually just watch wide eyed and stunned as she goes from laughing to screaming to smiling before glancing at each other with the same confuse/surprised look on our face and simultaneously mouth 'what was that?!'
i was pretty excited when i captured one of these exact moments on camera. these are the things we'll look back on and laugh i'm sure. :)

a few things about amelia lately:

1. she LOVES her sofie. especially since she is teething {ps - we've been pulling the teething excuse since she was 3 months old but... no teeth yet. i'm sure it will happen tomorrow.}

2. recently mastered is her talent of pulling herself up on the side of her pack n pack and peering her little eyes out the top. pretty adorable.

3. she can crawl!! yay! boo! im not sure which to say... it's so exciting to see all her new tricks and talents but it makes you very aware of how unsafe EVERYTHING is.

hope your summer has been fantastic!


{visit the facebook page to see a few more photos}

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