meet the chupp's

 remember how we were talking about the chupp chalet renovation project? well the first weekend of august everyone was able to come to pine mountain, ga, where the chalet is located. we thought it would be fun to get some updated family photos (that were not from one of the 3 recent weddings!) to frame for in the chalet. the town of pine mountain is so quaint and beautiful- it was nice to walk around and take a few shots here and there even in the sweltering heat. {at least i thought it was sweltering!} so, i thought we should introduce you all to the rest of our chupp family and share some of the pictures!

mama & daddy chupp : two of the most loving, selfless & giving people you will ever meet. they have raised 3 incredible kids and that to me is SUCH an incredible feat. oh! and this new journey they've begun together as grandparents? yup, they're rocking it. amelia is so lucky to have so many people who love her so much!
meet the sintosen - kyle's eldest sister erin & her hubby brian! you've probably heard us mention us talking about them and their own photography business in atlanta :) we took this photo inside the dish; a really unique soda shop that makes the best milkshakes i've ever had {we'll have to tell you more about it sometime} but seriously, how cute are they? you will never meet a more down to earth, easy to relate & talk to couple! and they sure are easy on the lens :)
im not sure who these guys are ;) 
erin jumped in to take some of us- her first time using a nikon! not bad at all canon girl! 
trying to make our best 'ellie' faces
carly & andrew! and lizzy :) carly is kyle's baby sister and one of the sweetest people- i just love this couple. don't let the short hair fool you- this the same carly & andrew from this summer's wedding. they are such a fun, optimistic couple to be around- carly is definitely my go to gleek girl to talk anything glee. yup, i admit it. im a glee fan. and the three of us chupp girls may have seen the glee 3d movie on opening night. maybe:) 

that's us! 

now time to get framing and hanging these photos on the newly painted walls! 

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