the meeder family

during the looooong drive last week from georgia back to ontario, kyle & i were talking about our upcoming photoshoots this fall and how excited we were to start with the meeder family. the last time we took family photos of these lovelies jacob the youngest was so small - just a new baby! Since moving back to Ontario last fall we've seen the meeders in passing at church, but were excited to get reacquainted and see how all the kids had grown! one of my favourite parts about taking their photos is their beautiful backyard on the lake. what a perfect place to grow up and run around in. it's like a dream. 
and rose & rob's kids are beautiful. each has their own distinct personality & i just love how they shine through and aren't afraid to be themselves. seems to me they have some pretty great role models - parents who are caring, compassionate & generous.
each of the girls had to show me their beautiful nails- so cute!
mary-grace found a millipede and the hunt for creepy crawlies was on! rob & the kids left no rock or log unturned as they searched for the perfect creature to hold on a stick. so fun! the kids were having a great time doing something they enjoyed - which we love! it's so great to get to take pictures of real life moments like that.
thanks meeder family for such a fun morning! we'd come bug hunting anytime with you!!

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