the buck family

doesn't this cute family just make you smile? we love these 3! kyle and i were so excited when erica and jon contacted us about taking some family photos. they are photographers as well which we always find exciting. it's a huge compliment to us when other talents want to have some pictures of themselves taken by us : ) the other reason to be excited about taking their photos was to finally get to spend some time hanging out! erica & i have a history, knowing each other since high school, but this was the first time our husbands were finally able to meet. erica and i were actually in the same photography class in high school and be friended one another over our shared love for all things creative & photographic. actually, the more i get to know her, the more and more i realize how similar our interests and tastes are {thanks pinterest! hehe} but the best similarity we've had in common is the due date of our first born babies. both erica and i found out we were pregnant and shared the same due date last year. however due to eli's eagerness and amelia's reluctancy, they were born exactly one month apart. Eli on Novemember 9th and Amelia on December 9th. so crazy eh?! at least i think so!!

Anyways, check out how adorable they are together. such a sweet trio!

guys, we had SO much fun - we cannot even wait to get in front of your cameras next - and get together for some hang outs and play dates {no cameras required :) hehe}

be sure to check out our facebook page for more photos of this sweet fam!

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