First Snow

Well it has officially 'snowed' in three hills for the first time this year... although not enough yet for it to actually make it to the ground. As much as I love the cold, and the snow, there are a few realities that come with this time of year that are putting a damper on things: mainly that our furnace in the trailer is not wanting to turn on this year. Kyle and I are okay in terms of keeping ourselves warm; we have lots of warm clothes, have just purchased a warm duvet for the cold nights, as well as a small space heater to help us keep whichever room in the house we are in at a decent temperature. Our only concern, as it begins to drop below freezing at nights is that pipes will begin to freeze. Please keep this in your prayers!

On a different note, please keep Kyle in your prayers this week as he studies and takes 3 different exams toward his written commercial license testing!

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  1. Hey guys, thank you very much for the card, it was very thoughtful. All is well down here, we're just jealous of your snow! Kara is trying to get over the pregnant sickies, June is a happy camper as usual. Kyle, good luck on your exams cuz, and stay warm - we miss you guys. P.s. - If you know that it is going to go below freezing, leaving your faucets running just a little bit (dripping) helps keep the pipes from freezing (moving water.) Alright, yall take care!