Corn Shucking

Me and Vanessa brought in the rest of the corn today that we hadnt eaten already to shuck, boil and freeze for the winter. I stumbled across some information i thought everyone would like to know. The corn plant is both male and female. The top part of the plant is the male part.
The female part is the part that you often see coming out of the top of the cobs of corn. The tiny silks catch onto pollen from the males up above them.
Each silk leads to its own kernel inside. Sense it pollenates this way, it is better to plant corn in squares (atleast 3 rows deep) instead of long skinny rows.
Then inside is the delicious  sweet corn. Corn, more than any other vegetable, is best when its fresh of the stalk. The sugar in corn starts turning very quickly to starch right away and after 3 days half is already converted. So its best eaten right of the stalks. We both love it!!
Folks used to have ( and might still do somewhere) corn shuckin festivals where theyd pile all the corn from the fields into a big pile. Then on one side of the pile lined up everyone to shuck the corn. The fastest people sat in the middle, quickly digging their way through the pile of corn and eventually dividing the pile into two. Now the teams were established and whichever team made it to the bottom of the pile first had a jug of moonshine waiting for them as a prize. And so the festivities carried on celebrating the harvest with dancing and having a good time. 

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  1. HEEHAW!!!!!
    ~Gotta love the new family photo that Butt Ugly? Great post Kyle, your corn looks yummy :) the ones we are planning on having tonight on the other hand are going to be too starchy :( miss you guys ~