Our New Home


We are finally (almost) settled in! On friday we had a bunch of our friends over after Kyle smoked meat all day (waking up at 4am to start it- finishing at 7pm!) so I hurried around taking some pictures of the different rooms of our house that were clean and pretty much done : ) WE LOVE OUR COZY TRAILER!

Let's start the tour from the front door. If you walk straight ahead you will arrive in the kitchen!
(view from the front door)-->
If you turn right, just before the kitchen you are in the living room!
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  1. ~ WoW!!!!!! I LOVE IT :) you guys have been busy.... your new home is so cute and all the personal touches!!!! thankyou for the tour :D ~

    ps...Jordyn was wondering if you could post pictures of her room :) oh, and I believe you could use your gift of decorating and 'Stage' homes know in your spare time :)

    love mom

  2. Yay! A new blog to follow! Happy to see your beautiful photos and get a glimpse of life for you guys now! Love to you both, Sarah (Kyle's cousin...okay I will stop clarifying myself now) :)

  3. No way this can be the same place! Oh my gosh. I did notice that the "friend" still has a home above the bed! Thanks so much for the new blog and all of the updates! LOVE IT LOVE IT!

  4. your house looks great!!!! thanks for showing us around love nana and papa