Married Man

Everyone asks: how was you first birthday as a married man? Totally and completely awesome. Waking up to the smell of deliciousness and trying to stay in bed but drawn into the kitchen to what was cooking. There is Vanessa making banana, chocolate chip pancakes with strawberries and bananas and whipped cream on top. We bring a big pile back to the room and have breakfast in bed.

The whole day was so good, including the weather outside. Warm weather in Canada must be taken advantage of so it was out with the tarp, and the hose and the soap to make a slip and slide in our backyard. That night I got to dig into my first Skor dessert which is a layered dessert with brownies ( my favorite) chocolate pudding, whipped cream, and skor bar crumbled and sprinkled on top. We spent the nigh with friends just talking and laughing together. Life is good!

Its not uncommon for people to be excited about of how many years they have been married, but the years they have been alive - for some reason that's a different story. I'm proud of each candle on my cake and each gray hair on my head( i already have 3 or 4 : ) because with each comes many experiences that I can take with me and share with others. I also took the advice of my best friend Mario and enjoyed some time with God being thankful for the fullness of joy that he gives me. How awesome it is to now live in it with the love of my life.


  1. lol.. how random! you talk about the slip and slide.. "like obviously.. of course, why wouldn't we have a slip and slide in our backyard on my birthday". hahaha... soo fun! you guys are awesome!

  2. Glad your birthday was great, Kyle! Enjoyed hearing about your special day, and totally agree with the celebration, instead of dread, that a birthday should come with! Love you guys!

  3. Hi Kyle,
    What a wonderful birthday you had.With all of the great things Vanessa is cooking you might get fat. Not really. It's good that you are praying, that makes everything better. Stay happy you two, Ilove you both! I need christmas ideas from you.
    Love MeMaw