It was only a few months ago that Lush made its big appearance in Red Deer. I was just shopping around town, minding my own business, when i stumbled upon this treasure and had to go inside. Instantly I was excited about what Lush had to offer... handmade, organic cometics. The sent of the bath bombs and lotions, the fun, creative style of the shop (it kinda reminded me of a farmers market where everything was set up and labeled on its personal mini chalk board), and the friendliness of the people who worked there.

A few months prior, one of my friends from school, Raye, and I got together and learned to make our own bath bombs and bath salts. I LOVED it, had a blast, which further intrigued my interest in this store.

I can't wait to go back for another visit soon! Maybe for some of you lucky ducks out there it may be the source of future gifts!

if you would like to browse their store online here is the link!

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